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Explore and Graduate in Four

Your Starting Point: You are interested in thre or four majors, You have a career in mind and need to match it with a major(s) and/or minor(s), You have a major that you want to explore, You are exploring a variety of interests and/or career opportunities, You have a professional goal (medicine, law, dentistry, etc.) and need a major - Where to Turn: Open Option Program, or, Open Option Program and Pre-professional Programs in law, medicine, veterinary medicine, and health professions

The Exploration Major — Sample any major while you decide versus hopping from one major to another. There are 10+ academic advisors who provide direction and guidance as you explore 100+ programs that interest you.

Open Option works like a major. It is a strategic pathway for students to explore their interests while taking required general education courses before committing to a major.

Your Open Option Advisor will help guide your explorations – While making sure that your basic graduation requirements are being met. You will make progress toward your degree before you even select your major.

What are General Education Requirements?

No matter what your major, every student is required to take general educationand university requirements in: Arts and Humanities, Communications, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Library, English, and U.S. Diversity and International Perspectives. The courses help you establish lifelong thinking and learning skills and a common body of knowledge that is critical for understanding.

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